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Entry #2


2010-03-25 05:48:57 by marioman102594

my first flash submission has been blammed off of the site...


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2012-02-15 23:37:01

your not alone.


2012-02-16 00:09:04

I did my best to save it bro. I voted you a five. I liked it. I thought it was cool. Your animation techniques were WAY better than ANYTHING that I have ever done. ^.^

Please don't give up. Sometimes it's all about timing. And if you happen to have poor luck, and there are just "haters" online that just want blam points, then it's luck of the draw.

Like I said, I liked your animation, and I did vote you a five... you have my word on that. Don't forget next time though (just in case you decide to re-submit at a later date ;-D ) include proper audio credit. For you it would have been something related to this: Or you could have just chosen to put something about at any rate, don't loose fate... Near EVERYONE including myself gets stuff blammed. So, as Gorksonic234 said... "Your not alone" .